The board is responsible for the whole team. They make sure the organization is moving forward and plan the future of Ascend.

Johan Hatleskog

Project Manager

Marius Maaland

Deputy Project Manager

Tobias Stene Hansteen

Technical Leader

Emilie Udnæs

Marketing Manager

Ann Therese Kjenes

Business Manager

State estimation of the drone and beyond. The perception group converts sensor input to meaningful information about the drone and its environment.

Matias Christensen

Perception Group Leader

Håkon Flatval

Perception Member

Stein-Inge Torset Øien

Perception Member

Thomas Rostrup Andersen

Perception Member

Finding the optimal behaviour to solve the mission at hand. The AI group takes the latest AI research from theory to practice.

Simen Haugo

AI Group Leader

Alexander Bakke

AI Member

Mikkel Antonsen

AI Member

Nils Inge Rugsveen

AI Member

Control designs the command systems that bring the drone from A to B safely. They also work with flight controllers, sensors, obstacle avoidance and simulation

Martin Sollie

Control Group Leader

Brage Eikanger

Control Member

Christian Wilhelmsen

Control Member