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Since being founded in 2015, Ascend has competed with top universities across the globe in the International Aerial Robotics Competition. Every year we admit new members who build on the work of the previous team, making us more experienced and knowledgeable with each passing year. Scroll down to see which positions you can apply for!

Join our BOARD

The Board is responsible for the organizational and managerial tasks related to running Ascend NTNU. You will coordinate the high level work of the team, ensuring that plans and deadlines are kept, budgets are met, and that work is flowing smoothly. As a board member, your prime responsibility is to facilitate the work done by the student members and to represent Ascend NTNU externally.  You will have the opportunity to shape Ascend NTNU as an organization through your decisions, such as through the recruitment of new members, cooperation with sponsors and external parties and creating the vision and goals for the years team.

Positions we offer

Leader & Deputy Leader

The Leaders work to further Ascend NTNU's goals and vision. This position requires that you are proactive, facilitate a good work culture and promote growth, both on an individual and organizational level.

The Leader works closely with the board to coordinate the organizational needs. The role of a Leader holds more responsibilities than specific tasks. Together with the business group, you will sit with the primary responsibility for keeping a good relationship with partners and other external actors. You will provide opportunities to work with most aspects of the project. Weekly tasks include leading board and general meetings and responsibility for cooperation with the main sponsors.

The Deputy Leader is mainly responsible for human resources, health and environment in Ascend. You become a trustee for the group members and are responsible for social cohesion. You will also assist the project manager with planning, follow-ups, and goal setting.

The Leader and the Deputy Leader work closely together and distribute tasks between them. Long-term collaboration gives a great deal of flexibility regarding tasks and allows you to adapt responsibilities to work with what interests you the most.

We are looking for someone who:
- Wants to work with an organization and enjoys varied work tasks.
- Is comfortable communicating with external actors, sponsors, and other partners.
- Strives to find the best solutions in cooperation with others.
- Is structured and good at overseeing the working ecosystems.
- Is proactive but can also think on their feet.
- Good temper working with multi-disciplinary groups.
- Wants to improve Ascend by making major organizational decisions.
- Is extroverted and comfortable with being a representative of Ascend, both in the team and for the surrounding world.

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact:
Hans Bertil Olsson (Leader) at
Bendik Norli (Deputy Leader) at

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Chief Engineer & Deputy Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer and Deputy Chief Engineer are responsible for the technical work in Ascend NTNU. It will be your task to lead the technical work, ensuring all the groups cooperate towards a common goal. This includes planning, organizing, and coordinating the work between the technical group leaders. Understanding each system on a cross-disciplinary ground is critical, such as system dependency and integration and road mapping as the development progresses. You will gain a comprehensive picture of multiple engineering disciplines with insights and experience from working as a Chief Engineer or Deputy Chief Engineer that is almost unobtainable anywhere else.

As a board member, it is your task to keep the board informed on the team's technical progress. You will also be responsible for informing the technical group leaders on decisions made by the board, ensuring a good flow of information between the administrative and technical members of the organization. You will also be able to assist each team member with technical work where needed.

The Chief Engineer and Deputy Chief Engineer will collaborate closely and share responsibility for many of the tasks related to technical administration. You will have some freedom in defining your tasks, such as maintaining the technical infrastructure of our project management platforms (e.g, Confluence and Jira), coordinating and documenting system tests, planning the technical plans, arranging internal and external technical meetings, etc.

We are looking for someone who:
- Is good at cooperating and has a passion for leadership.
- Has a strong interest in robotics and preferably experience with C++ or ROS 2.
- Loves to work with complex systems, preferably with experience from other projects.
- Is structured, tidy, and organized.
- Can keep an eye on essential changes at certain times.
- Is extroverted and comfortable with being a representative of Ascend NTNU: both in the team and for the surrounding world.

If you have any questions about those positions, you can contact:
Glenn Varhaug (Chief Engineer) at
Andreas Utkilen (Deputy Chief Engineer) at

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Head of Finance

The Head of Finance manages the organization's resources and ensures they are distributed optimally between technical and social projects. You will be responsible for Ascend’s financial situation, such as budgeting, accounting, investing, and savings. You will work closely with the head of the Business Group, who ensures you have money to manage. As board members, both Head of Finance and Business can also affect the long and short-term strategy of Ascend NTNU, contributing to growth and progress in our organization.

We are looking for someone who:
- Wants to manage Ascend's resources so they are used optimally.
- Wants to get experience working with accounts, receiving guidance and training from the accounting firm we collaborate with.
- Is interested in economics and budgeting, especially relating to technical projects.

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact:
Marius Aasland Thorbergsen at

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Head of Business

The Head of Business manages the Business Group, which oversees the revenue streams of Ascend. You will lead the group to work closely with current and potential new partners to secure different grants. You will also be responsible for arranging our events, such as Drone Reveal, competitions, and participation in external affairs. This is a golden opportunity to collaborate with other highly skilled students professionally and build connections with relevant businesses and other external entities. The Business Group will work closely with the other groups in Ascend, especially the Marketing team.

As the Head of Business, you will also be on the board , representing the business relations of Ascend NTNU. You are in charge of Ascend's business development, which means you have responsibilities for what direction Ascend will take for its business decisions. You have the creative freedom to innovate, revolutionize, and guide Ascend to be a professional and competitive student organization in the business world.

We are looking for someone who:
- Wants leadership experience and the possibility to work with highly skilled students at the top of their respective fields.
- Wants to have contact with businesses, including managing contract negotiations.
- Wants to facilitate meaningful connections between businesses and students.
- Wants a head start in the professional arena.

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact:
Magnus Sparre Hovet at

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Head of Marketing

The Head of Marketing ensures good communication and cooperation between Ascend NTNU and other organizations, companies, and students. You will facilitate the making of these collaborations and bring Ascend NTNU closer to its goals. This also includes leading the marketing team, helping and assisting when needed. You will plan, test and perform different marketing strategies, both physically in Trondheim, on our social media and webpage.

As the Head of Marketing, you are free to find new and creative ways to reach out to the students with concrete and measurable results. Furthermore, you will have a significant impact on the development of Ascend’s brand. This includes creating a culture that inspires students to engage in research and innovation tied to autonomous drones. As Head of Marketing, you will also be a part of the board. This gives you good opportunities to shape and change Ascend NTNU for the better.

We are looking for someone who:
- Is interested in marketing and willing to learn more about digital marketing.
- Wishes to create and nurture relationships with partners and the press.
- Has good communication skills in both Norwegian and English.
- Wishes to motivate others to reach a shared goal.  
- Is good at cooperating and has a passion for leadership.
- Is solution-oriented, ambitious, focused, and driven by results.

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact:
Katinka Fjellet Figved (Head of Marketing) at

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Autonomy Group Leader

The Autonomy group is responsible for our drone system's high-level planning and decision-making features. You will lead the group to design and program autonomous behaviors through the built-in finite state machine and the world around it. These decisions will then be transformed into commands sent to and enacted by the Control group.

The Autonomy group uses the whole arsenal of autonomy and AI technology; From machine-learning to classic AI approaches. They have worked with everything from state-of-the-art technology within deep- and reinforcement learning to classical problems within path planning, high-level mission planning, and information representation. These all fall under the umbrella of the Autonomy group. For instance, you will work with complex information provided by the sensor processing systems in the Perception group and decide how that will actuate the systems built by Control and Hardware.

The Autonomy group has also been responsible for developing the in-house simulator that we use to test our software system. The goal is to provide Ascend with a simulator capable of delivering both realistic physics and photorealistic graphics, enabling the testing of computer vision and complex interactions in the simulator. As the Autonomy group leader, you will coordinate the development of the simulator and high-level planning and decision-making systems for the drone.

Preferable experience but not required:
- Skills with programming in Python and C#.
- Understanding of 2D/3D simulation in game development, Unity, and ROS (2).
- Ability and interest in mission planning and decision-making algorithms.
- Strong skills in Mario Kart.
- Sound experience in team-oriented software development projects. It is desirable to have experience developing AI with ROS in any technical field.

Anyone interested in and motivated to work with technology is welcome to apply!

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact:
Bård Raddum Wikmark at

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Control Group Leader

The Control group is the interface between software and hardware responsible for the drone movement and bringing decisions to life. The Control group works on almost everything from flight control systems to obstacle avoidance, path planning, and object interaction. As the Control leader, you will coordinate your group in making systems that ensure safe and robust flight and command execution for the drone. You also must ensure these systems are robust and reliable through frequent testing safely and appropriately. You will coordinate system designs and communication within and with other groups. As the group handles systems down to the actuators and hardware level, you are expected to oversee all systems and how they work together to guide other group members.

Preferable experience but not required:
- Programming skills in C/C++, C#, and Python.
- Understanding flight control system (FCU) and object interactions in aerial robotic engineering.
- Ability and interest in developing flight mechanics: obstacle avoidance, finite state machine, and 3D simulation with drone APIs such as MAVLink/MAVROS.
- Impeccable skills in Mario Kart.
- Desirable knowledge in data transmission using sensors and antennae.

Anyone interested in and motivated to work with technology is welcome to apply!

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact Fredrik Andresen Bjerk (Head of Control) at

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Hardware Group Leader

The Hardware group designs and builds Ascend's mechanical and electrical systems, otherwise known as our drones. As the Hardware leader, you will make the decisions about the drones’ overall design and functionality, ensuring that the drone will work in the best possible way given the requirements and specifications of the mission at hand. This means you will get insight into everything from CFD, carbon fiber production, and CAD to electromechanical systems, circuit board design, and PCB production, on top of designing the drone itself. You will naturally cooperate closely with all the other technical groups, deciding which sensors and computers will be placed on the drone.

Preferable skills but not required:
- Built something cool.
- 3D CAD, printing, and drawings.
- Carbon fiber production, power analysis, and computational fluid dynamics.
- PCB design in Altium designer.
- Experience from workshops with appropriate use of tools and equipment.
- You love weighing things and complaining about weight
- You love robots and you're prepared to crush our opponents in RoboWars

If you have any questions about this position, you can contact Svein Isdahl at

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Perception Group Leader

The Perception group develops the systems which transform sensor data into meaningful information about the environment. Being a group leader for the Perception group means that you will select the sensor systems used on the drone, cooperating closely with the Hardware group on the placement of these components. You will lead the group to work with camera-based sensors, investigating the usage of depth cameras, deep learning, and conventional computer vision to solve mission-specific and general tasks. The drones also have other sensors, such as IMUs, LIDARs, etc., which must be utilized or fused efficiently. The field of computer vision and sensor fusion is constantly evolving, and you will be working with cutting-edge techniques in these fields.

‍As the Perception group leader, you will process and interpret sensor data and transform it into meaningful information.

‍Preferable experience but not required:
- Programming skills in C++, C, Python.
- Understanding of computer vision, image processing, pose estimation, and sensor fusion.
- Experience with libraries such as OpenCV, Darknet, CUDA.
- Knowledge of compiling and running complex programs.
- Interest in developing object detection, classification, and localization systems.
- Experience in researching academic articles on the latest technology.

‍Should you have any questions, you can reach Edvard Sire at

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"Tiden min i Ascend ga meg en unik muliget til å jobbe på et stort teknisk prosjekt over lengre tid. Dette ga meg masse erfaring innen samarbeid, ledelse og teknisk forståelse innen robotikk. Ascend har utvilsomt gjort meg til en bedre ingeniør og jeg hadde ikke vært der jeg er i dag uten den opplevelsen."

– Matias Christensen (Autonomy Engineer - Skydio)

"My time in Ascend has been enlightening and enriching. The best part about joining ascend has been gaining a social platform where i have gotten to know new and wonderful people as well as trying something new outside my comfort zone. It has been an amazing year that i would not be without."

– Katinka Fjellet Figved (Marketing leader 2024)

"The experience I gained from my three years in Ascend made me grow immensely as both a person and an engineer. Since joining Ascend, I've been able to write my bachelor's thesis with Kongsberg, and I've been able to do internships at both Kongsberg and Equinor. My time in Ascend has been challenging, exciting and most of all really fun. I've worked with incredibly talented and driven people, from which I've gained valuable insights regarding technical aspects, as well as cooperation, team-work and communication. I started my journey in Ascend by joining the Control group in team 2022, I continued in Control for team 2023, before challenging myself as the Chief Engineer of team 2024. I have never once regretted joining Ascend, and I know that Ascend has been a huge part of what has made my time at NTNU great."

– Glenn Varhaug (Team 2022-2024, Chief Engineer 2024)

Why should you apply?

An empowering environment

By joining Ascend you become part of a great team where you'll work together with other passionate and skilled students. Our goal is to learn and help each other reach new heights.

 Apply theory to the real world

At Ascend you are able to take your theoretical knowledge from the lecture hall into real life. Ever wondered how you'll apply all that math they cram into your head? Come join us and we'll show you!

Combine it with your studies

We work hard to ensure that you are able to combine your time in Ascend without sacrificing your studies. Several of our members have even written their thesis about the work they do in Ascend.

Gain organizational experience

At Ascend you will not only gain a lot of valuable experience on the tasks you are working with, but also with how it is to work in a team. This turns out to be quite useful not just for your time in Ascend, but for the rest of your life.

Work with cutting edge technology

Be a part of an organization that uses and develops state of the art technology within the field of autonomous robotics. From machine learning to carbon fiber manufacturing; We do it all!

Have a great time!

While we do a lot of serious technical work we also want our members to have a great time! This is volunteer work, not a job. That's why we arrange social events from Mario Kart tournaments to cabin trips for all of our members!