Since being founded in 2015, Ascend has competed with top universities across the globe in the International Aerial Robotics Competition. Every year we admit new members who build on the work of the previous team, making us more experienced and knowledgeable with each passing year. Scroll down to see which positions you can apply for!

The application deadline for Team 21 was August 30th, but be sure to drop by next year!


Joining Ascend is a unique opportunity to work on an innovative project using cutting edge technology to solve some of the most challenging problems in cybernetics and autonomy. You will also get valuable organizational experience by working in a team.
Previous knowledge is not a requirement - all you need is dedication and willingness to learn!

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Why should you apply?

An empowering environment

By joining of Ascend you become part of a goal oriented and technology focused project where we work together to reach our goals.

Add theory to the real world

At Ascend you take some of the most advanced topics you learn at NTNU out from the lecture hall and into real life.

Combine it with your studies

Several of our members write their project or master thesis about the work they do in Ascend. There is also an oppurtunity to do "Eksperter i Team" with Ascend.

Organizational experience

At Ascend you are contributing to a technical project from start to finish - This gives lots of valuable experience.

Cutting edge technology

Be a part of an organization that uses and develops state of the art technology within the field of autonomous robotics.

Innovative culture

Our work culture is flexible, and your contribution can involve tasks outside your job description if they fit your interests and experience.

Positions we offer

As a hardware member you and your team will be responsible for developing and testing the drone itself, as well as any other physical systems that come with it. For each mission the hardware team decides on a mainframe design, and performs strength calculations, simulations, circuit design and component layout. All software written by the other groups need to run on the drone in an intricate system of microcontrollers, processors, etc., and Hardware makes sure it all comes together. During the development process you will be constantly testing out different prototypes, and make extensive use of CAD and other tools. If you enjoy working with design and practical tasks, then hardware is the group for you!

The Perception group gets the drone to sense its surroundings, understand what it sees and know where it is at all times. Since our drone collects video and data from several cameras and a wide array of sensors, the perception group needs to process and combine the data so that it becomes useful for the other groups. Among the sensors used by the drone are LIDAR and GPS. A large part of the work in perception is in computer vision, using both classical computer vision and machine learning to make programs that interpret images and video. As a Perception member you will learn about several different techniques and algorithms for signal processing, but most importantly find your own creative solutions.

As an AI member you will work with your group to improve the drones intelligence. The AI group controls the world view and decision making process of the drone, which are crucial for completing the mission. Specific tasks our AI members work on include digitally simulating the drones behaviour and makig a finite state machine for the drone - this is how the drone knows what it should be doing at any given time. Some missions also recquire the team to train and develop machine learning models. You will get insight into state of the art artificial intelligence techniques, as you program how the drone interprets its surroundings, predicts movement of objects around it and decides where to fly next - all while flying at speeds up to 100km/h.

The Control group is responsible for making sure that the drone moves safely from point A to point B, and is in many ways the link between software and the physical world. As a member of Control you will become familiar with different systems such as state machines, obstacle avoidance and sensor fusion. You will get to work with software development and testing in a simulator, and also getting to know all the physical systems on the drone. Amongst other things, our control members write code for the drones’ microcontrollers and use CAD to design and print physical prototypes.

As event manager you will be responsible for planning and arranging events that reach out to not only the students at NTNU, but also to press and business partners all over the country. You will arrange stands and performances at events both at NTNU and externally with our partners, and be responsible for our own events including the design review and Robotics Day. Additionally, you will be planning internal events for members such as julebord, and plan our annual trip to the USA! If you’re organized and like to arrange social gatherings, you should apply for event manager. 

Our graphical designers create the image of Ascend. You will be designing marketing materials and profiling articles for Ascend NTNU, as well as digital content and collaborating on our newsletters. Furthermore you’ll work together with the rest of the marketing group by contributing to stands and posts on our social media accounts, and get the opportunity to design the outfits that are used by our members on events. Experience with 3D visualization and motion design is a plus, but not a requirement. 

Do you want to develop a full-stack, scalable and graphically impressive website? As a web developer, you will be responsible for further developing and maintaining our website. It will also be your job to showcase who we are, our goals and what challenges we face in an interactive and exciting way - perhaps by creating an app or game? You will work closely with the rest of the marketing team to further develop Ascend’s image outward. You will also have the opportunity to be responsible for system administration, which means that you will, among other things, build and maintain our building servers and ensure that everything runs as automatically and seamlessly as possible. You will get a course in web-development if you don’t have any experience with this beforehand.

We’re looking for someone who likes strategy and wants to develop our image and social media presence. You will become part of the marketing team and work to promote Ascend online, and also interact with the other technical organizations at NTNU, helping generate interest for the awesome work done by NTNUs students.

The main task of our writer is writing newsletters which track our progress throughout the year. In addition to the newsletter, you will work closely with the rest of the marketing group to produce content for our social media, and various other projects. If you love writing and you’re organized and comfortable with responsibility, apply for this position!

Do you want to join us, making creative videos and taking photos for Ascend? As our photographer, you will become part of the marketing team and work to find new ways to promote Ascend. You will work with the technical groups to document our work, and you will get to create content which shows off what we do. You will also be responsible for making Ascend’s news letter. We are in need of good photos and videos to reach our followers and sponsors. Maybe it is your video that will catch the interest of a future sponsor! Apply now and release your creativity!