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Mission 7 ran for 4 years and was the first IARC mission Ascend competed in. The mission took place on a 20x20 meter grid arena and was a monumental leap from previous missions, requiring autonomous drones to interact with and control autonomous ground robots. There were 10 such ground robots in the arena, moving in a specific pattern:

      I.   Every 20 seconds they rotate 180 degrees.
      II.  Every 5 seconds they rotate a random number of degrees between -20 and 20.
      III. If they bump into anything they rotate 180 degrees.

In addition to these ground robots, there were four obstacle robots moving around in a circular pattern with a 1-2 meters high pole on top. These obstacle robots were placed on the arena to cause havoc, and if the drone hit them twice the run would be terminated. To complete the mission, the drone had to herd at least four of the ground robots over a green line at one edge of the arena. To interact with the ground robots, there were two options:

      I.   Tapping a tactile button on the top of the robot, turning it 45 degrees, clockwise. 
      II.  Bumping into the robot from the front, turning it 180 degrees. 

The mission had to be solved in a maximum of 10 minutes, all the sensors had to be onboard the drone and it had to be fully autonomous.

Here are the rules of Mission 7